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Digital Turns Tester for Toroidal Coils and Current Transformers(Turns - TTPT)














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This equipment is specially designed for measuring Turns, Polarity and DC Resistance for Toroidal Coils, Current Transformers, Ring Core Coils or Transformers.

This equipment is similar to our TURNS-LCRTZ , but it can only measure TURNS , POLARITY & DC Resistance.

Ideal for counting number of Turns for Toroidal Coils / Current Transformers / Current Sensors / Ring Core Coils.

Measurement Parameters : Turns, Polarity and DC Resistance

Test frequency : 50Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 5KHz, 10KHz

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Measurement  Freq.  50Hz, 100HZ, 500Hz, 1KHz, 5KHz,10 KHz
Measurement Voltage  0.1 V ~ 1.0 V RMS (@ 50 mV increment)
Four Terminal or Kelvin Test  For eliminating  lead resistance.
Res. (Rdc)  0.01Ohm ~ 20KOhm
(Toroidal Turns Test Platform)
5 Turns ~ 1000 Turns
(Toroidal Turns Test Platform)
500 Turns ~ 10,000 Turns
TURNS + 0.2% + 0.5 T for high and  medium permeability cores at suitable test frequency.  
Internal  Diameter  must be able to pass a wire as thin as 0.2 mm.  External Diameter as high as 200 mm.
Power requirement  110 ~ 230 Vac / 50 ~ 60 Hz AC


Key Benefits

  • Turns Range 1 (TTP1)    : 5 Turns ~ 1000 Turns by Using Toroidal Turns Test Platform (TTPT-100 )
  • Turns Range 2 (TTP2)    : 500 Turns ~ 10,000 Turns by Using Toroidal Turns Test Platform (TTPT-1000 )
  • Polarity                            :  Reverse Polarity is indicated as (-ve) singe while measuring Turns 
  • DC Resistance                : 0.01 Ohm ~ 20 KOhm

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